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One of my greatest pet peeves is when a character finds himself in a legitimately terrible and ugly situation and has trouble dealing with it like most people would, which is REALISTIC, and then some people reduce that character to a ‘pathetic weakling who is just weak’ and demand that the character become super badass at once, as in, they should easily be able to deal with that situation for some reason.

What the fuck? 

Heyy so has anyone played Touhou?? I’m looking around at starting but I don’t know where :0 can somebody throw me some suggestions?


KYOUSAYA in a PACIFIC RIM AU (ノ◕ヮ◕)*:・゚✧

Commission done by ai-wa. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SRSLY YOU’RE THE BEST!!~

Pleasedon’t repost this here or elsewhere without crediting the artist!

Ojhhhh I’m four away from 500

You can change everything in this world.


If you ever feel sad just remember that Patrick Stump sang Karaoke of a Fall Out Boy song on a grading Karaoke machine and failed.

We're fighting for our own wishes. 
It's normal not to get noticed or remembered.


I really like Madoka, and I like the concept of magical girls at least as much as I love super sentai, but I tend to not enjoy things that are ‘feel good’ so I haven’t watched any other Magical Girl shows because of it.
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